Organise your business, free up your time and get that paperwork sorted with a stress-free takeaway solution from AdminTakeAway


Don’t let administration tasks play on your mind at the end of the day when you want to shut off and relax – get AdminTakeAway involved to lighten the load.

Help from AdminTakeAway
Get help from AdminTakeAway
  • Maybe the person you usually rely on is absent or over-worked and cannot achieve a deadline?
  • You don’t want the commitment of extra staff?
  • Dislike the process of taking on a temp?
  • You don’t have the office space or necessary equipment to accommodate more staff?
  • You don’t have the time or inclination to train a novice, or do the work yourself?
  • You want to spend more time doing the skill of your choice, or one you enjoy?
  • Or maybe you have a hectic social life that takes preference?

Any of these examples could be reasons you would choose to use the efficient administrative services of AdminTakeAway to undertake your work conveniently, at a predetermined cost, in an organised manner.

You can maximise your energy and strengths in your own line of business whilst leaving tasks (which sometimes are mundane) to AdminTakeAway.  Take a look at the administrative services we can offer.

Tick off the tasks with AdminTakeAway
Tick off the tasks with AdminTakeAway

Jeanette at AdminTakeAway will draw on her 17 years experience working for a large building society (roles that included Senior Business Analyst, Business Developer, Project/Line Manager, Risk Consultant and Programme Manager) to professionally undertake the work you require in administration.